Managed WordPress Backups

Our managed WordPress backups help you secure and archive your website to the cloud so you can sleep at night. In case of disaster we are only one click away. 

5 Minutes Away From Your 1st Backup

You are literally 5 minutes away from backing your website in the PressTitan cloud. 

Here's what your web hosting company doesn't want you to know about website backups....

Often web hosting companies store your "backups" on the same server that hosts your website. So in the case of your server going down. You also lose your "backups".

Here's Why You Need Backups. 

Three years ago I was using a certain web hosting company, and my website went offline. The web hosting company advertised "nightly backups".


Not only were there nightly backups on the same server but that server was now offline. I was stuck. All the data was lost forever.


This is why we created PressTitan Managed Cloud Backups. For less than a cup of coffee a day you can sleep better and know your website is safe and sound in our completely managed cloud. 

    Do Your Website Backups Even Work ?

    Imagine that you are in bed and you check your website, one last time, and it doesn't come up. There's nothing there but an error screen.


    When was the last time you tested your backups? Does your hosting company test their backups? When was the last time they communicated that with you?


    Backups don't matter if they don't work or if you can't access them. The old adage for data security was to have a local backup and a remote backup to minimize risk. Let PressTitan be that remote backup.

        Our Customers Love Us!

        Our customers can sleep without worry about their backups. Can you?  

        Gerri Elder

        Online College Plan

        "The service is head and shoulders above any... I have worked with in my 20 years of managing websites."

        Becky Cyr

        "Excellent support and service. Very helpful for anything our business needs"​

        Backup Your Website

        WordPress has become more competitive and that means that customers expect higher quality products. It also means there is a huge amount of marketing competition and smaller organizations focused on providing quality service end up drowned out, but not today!


        Designed for beginners


        • 3 Websites

        • Forever


        Cloud Monthly

        Simple, effective, backups.

        • 1 Site

        • Nightly Bulletproof Backups*



        Designed for professionals

        • 10 Websites

        • Forever



        Unlimited Sites, Forever

        Backup as many sites as you want, for as long as you want. 

        $299/One Time Payment

        100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!




        We want every site that works with PressTitan to be more successful because they work with us. Trusted backups are a great start to that process. We will keep your website code, files and database backed up so that if you run across a problem, you will be able to restore your site. That's our primary promise to you. We also promise to provide:

        • Quality service, we promise to be responsive and consultative.

        • Honest and transparent communication. We promise to keep you informed as a valuable partner.

        • A valuable technology business partner, we promise to be consultative and treat you as a partner.

        David Krug

        President, PressTitan

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